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Staging a property makes it attractive and shows it off in the most positive way possible. If it’s done right, staging allows prospective buyers to see themselves living there. In addition, staging gives your promotional photos a focal point as compared to showing completely empty rooms.

Staging is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to increase the odds of selling your property quickly. Remember, we live in a visual, virtual world!

Tips on How To Stage a Property

Declutter. First…and most important. Get rid of excess furniture, knick-knacks and junk. Rent a pod or storage unit and remove a good share of stuff to open up the space.

Simplify. Create a neutral understated décor to appeal to the largest number of people possible.

Lighten up. A room looks bigger and more inviting when it is airy and light. Let in as much natural light as possible. Open the blinds and use lamps to light up dark corners.

Make it homey. This is the main reason for staging. Remember, the buyer must be able to visualize living in the home. As soon as the buyer starts talking about where their furniture will go, we’re pretty sure we’ll be writing an offer.

You don’t need to fill up each room completely, just enough to create a welcoming scene. Special touches like fresh fruit in the kitchen and scented candles in the bathroom can up the “homey” factor. Remember to keep things simple and natural, without fake props and distracting items. Less is more!

Show Off the Features. Your house photos should show off the best features of your property. Painting an accent wall or arranging accessories in groups of threes can highlight features like window seats and built-in shelves.

Ensure the Flow. Do a walk through yourself to make sure placement of furniture doesn’t interrupt traffic flow. Rearrange to make your rooms feel open and accessible.

Don’t Forget the Outside. Clean up the landscape. Add well placed plants, furniture and accessories to show off exterior space for relaxing and family time.

Hey, do this at home and you’ll LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE! If you don’t have the time or skill to do this yourself, ….hire a staging professional. It’ll be worth it!