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Are you trying to figure out HOW to finance more real estate deals to grow a portfolio?

It takes knowledge, understanding the numbers, and being creative. There are MANY ways to leverage or partner or find money to do deals. And the portfolio building can be speeded up with the right connections.

It’s not rocket science to those of us who understand the business. But to those who don’t, this can seem very complex.

It’s easy to finance investment property if you have down payment funds, W-2 income, and good credit. BUT what if that isn’t you? And…you still want to invest? Now what?

Start by knowing your numbers:

• Credit score
• Debt to income ratio
• Cash reserves
• Loan to value ratio on the investment property
• Funds for down payment

If you’re planning to rehab investment property, did you know there are home loans with built-in renovation financing? You can purchase the home and have additional funds for repairs and renovation needed to improve your investment property.

Basically, you can finance the renovation in the original loan, and you can have up to seven months to complete the project. Another example of creative financing.

In my Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program, I recently helped a client buy 11 units in the middle of the pandemic with no W-2 job. Through creative financing, he gets instant cash flow.

And remember, I Iead the Encore Investment Team–Tammy Love and Eric Janson–that specializes in helping you buy, sell or invest in real estate.

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