Want to know how to start and quickly scale a real estate portfolio

In this video you will learn the following…

• Buying Cash Flowing Properties
• The Right Properties to Buy
• Advanced Strategies
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7 Steps to Passive Income 

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Step 1                     Leverage Your Wealth 

How to Use the Cash/Credit You’ve Earned to Maximize Your Return on Investment

– Know your credit score and net worth

– Examine your cash and credit position

– Specify all funding sources available to you

– Identify sources of alternative financing – Hard money, partnerships, etc.


Step 2                     Identify Your Investment Mindset

How to Develop a Wealthy Mindset to be a Savvy Investor

– Discover the best investing strategy for you

– Examine your skill level in areas relevant to investing

– Know your core money style

– Deal with any “F” factors in your life

– Adopt the 7 Keys to a Wealthy Mindset


Step 3                     Know Your Numbers 

How to Tell A Good Deal From A Bad Deal With Cold, Hard Math

– Learn important real estate investing terminology

– Use Cash Flow Analysis to identify viable investments

– Know how to calculate ROI (Return on Investment) on any property

– Know how to tell a good deal from a bad deal every time


Step 4                     Grow the Numbers 

Advanced Tips to Increase Your Return Through Rent, Renovations & Management

– How to evaluate market rents

– Learn strategies to optimize income

– What you need to know to self-manage your rentals

– Key points for hiring a property management company


  Step 5                     Cover Your Bases 

How to Double and Triple Check Investments before You Sign On The Dotted Line

– Identify potential threats to the value of your real estate investment

– Learn the due diligence process at each stage of investing:

– Positioning your assets

– Planning buy and exit strategies


Step 6                     Choose Your Power Team 

How to Find the Experts You Need On Call for the Highest-Value Deal

– Discover the 8 categories of professional support you must have to succeed

– Identify specific people to be on each team


Step 7                     Spring into Action 

Develop your Personal Blueprint to Find Deals and Grow a Portfolio

– Implement your main investing strategy

– Evaluate specific tasks you need to ​do to improve

– With coaching you can implement a quick action and accountability plan

– Find your next deal and continue to build


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