YES! LeAnn conducts all strategy session calls to learn more about you, what you’re looking for regarding real estate investing and to help you determine if you’re a fit for the PROVEN PROFIT FORMULA.

YES! Each week you have the opportunity to join LeAnn on the group coaching calls to get your questions answered about course content, specific deals that interest you, to learn from the mistakes and successes of other investors, and to nudge you into action investing.

YES! The PROVEN PROFIT FORMULA is BOTH a coaching program and course based on LeAnn Riley’s many years of helping others grow smart portfolios –both as a Realtor and an experienced investor herself. The coaching-based program includes an online 7-step course you can move through on your own time, combined with weekly group coaching calls directly with LeAnn. After you finish the online course, the coaching calls will further develop your investing knowledge and relationships and continue as you face new issues and grow your portfolio. You have a personal guide that keeps you up to date on what’s happening in the real estate market, the trends, the ups and downs and what is working NOW as the market shifts through its cycles. LeAnn is a certified Master Coach along with being an expert investor and Realtor. She knows how to motivate and help you grow your business. – Priceless!

A great question! In order to be successful with this program, you need to have access to some funds in order to actually invest in real estate.

Remember, the money doesn’t have to be in the bank! LeAnn’s course and coaching will show you how to leverage the resources you probably already have.

This course might be for you if you have thought about investing in real estate for some time, if you want financial independence, if you join online RE investing clubs or listen to podcasts, if you attend real estate investing meetings or conferences, if you own some real estate but want to optimize your investment…All these are good indications that you are a fit for the PROVEN PROFIT FORMULA.

This program will teach you how to:

  • Optimize your leverage
  • Refine your investing strategy
  • Use proven tools for a lifetime of investing
  • Build an investment property portfolio
  • Grow your personal wealth
  • Grow passive income and achieve financial independence

Once you enroll, you will go through a brief onboarding process including access to the online course, weekly group coaching calls with LeAnn, bonuses, and an invitation to join our private Facebook group.

In each module of the online course, and at your own pace, you’ll watch LeAnn Riley’s PROVEN PROFIT FORMULA coaching videos accompanied by helpful downloadable worksheets. Inside the course, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions of LeAnn right in the course.

At the end of each of the seven steps, you’ll take a short quiz so we know you’ve completed that step. And there’s a final exam after Step 7 to ensure you have absorbed the material well and are educated to make the right moves investing or growing your portfolio.

Even advanced investors have gained a ton of knowledge to equip them with the confidence to grow and do it wisely. In fact, many have optimized property they already owned with LeAnn’s guidance and tools to earn even more income. They just didn’t know how to get the most traction or benefit from investing until taking this course. Wise investing is about knowing your strategy and how to execute on opportunities at the right time.

From day one as a PROVEN PROFIT FORMULA student, you are encouraged to join the weekly live group coaching calls with LeAnn on Wednesdays at noon Central Time. You’re invited to come on the call throughout the first year after enrolling and even beyond.

Because PROVEN PROFIT FORMULA is designed for independent learners who want to move at their own pace and on their own time, each student will complete the course in a different amount of time. The 7-step online course is designed as a 7-week program, one “step” each week. Many students complete the course in as little as 60 days.

Weekly group coaching calls take place on Zoom, and are recorded. Meetings are generally 1.5 hours long on Wednesdays at noon, Central Time. Sometimes, excitement among the group and/or challenging issues emerge and the calls will be longer. LeAnn will get to the questions asked.

There is enough time for everyone to get their questions answered and it’s an encouraging group that inspires you to get in action. Each week you are expected to take on some action toward growing as an investor.

The PROVEN PROFIT FORMULA works for whatever place you are in as an investor, beginner, or advanced. You all learn together and from each other with LeAnn’s guidance.

You have unlimited access to the program, or for as long as our company is in business (We don’t plan to go anywhere). Even after you complete the 7-step course, you can to join the weekly coaching calls.

This is more than a course! What makes it different is all the coaching you get from LeAnn throughout the online course and each week on the group coaching calls. LeAnn has over 20 years of coaching businesses to succeed, inside of real estate and many other industries.

In fact, most people PURCHASE a property in the 7 weeks because they have guidance and feel safe and secure in their investment choice. Whether it’s fix and flip, add value, or buy and hold.

It’s the personal help with LeAnn by your side that makes this simple and gets you off the fence quickly and into cash flowing fast.

The only way to be sure that this program is a fit for you and that you are a fit for this program is to book a strategy session, attend the session, and we will evaluate your situation and see if our program can help you.

We will absolutely not sell you anything unless we believe you will get a great return on your investment. Our success rate is excellent for those who actually attend the calls and use the program.

The reason for this is simply because we only work with people who we know we can help.

And the only way to know that is to jump on a call with me.

We look forward to speaking with you!want to grow faster.”