LeAnn Riley's PROVEN PROFIT FORMULA COACHING PROGRAM includes an online study course that teaches you--on your own time--the step-by-step system to get cash flow deals. Learn how to quickly launch and grow a real estate investing portfolio with predictability and minimal risk, using the right strategy for YOU.  Best of all, the program includes weekly group coaching with LeAnn, who will guide you through the process of starting or scaling your real estate investing portfolio.

It's easy to complete the course in as little as 60 days!



You know real estate investing is in your future. Yet, one thing you may need to get started is a coach/mentor to help.


Learn from someone who’s done it.


LeAnn Riley’s experience building a multi-million dollar portfolio and managing hundreds of units gives her the expertise to guide you in the right direction and get you there quickly.


LeAnn is an active Real Estate Broker with a team of investment property agents. She knows what’s happening in today’s market, how the strategies are performing, along with tactics and tips on getting the deals done.


LeAnn shares her experience and knowledge gained

in real estate investing over the last 25 year.


The PROVEN PROFIT FORMULA COACHING PROGRAM contains the key steps, tools, and formulas she has developed and that you will need:

  • How to tell a good deal from a bad deal…

  • Choosing a good market…

  • Investing even if the numbers don’t work in the area where you live…

  • Determining the best investing strategy for you….

  • Growing a portfolio…

  • Creating a team of experts…




The PROVEN PROFIT FORMULA includes weekly LIVE group coaching with LeAnn, so you have the opportunity to interact with her personally and have help to move through those tough spots faster.

"LeAnn helped me find a rehab property for investment.


She has vast knowledge in real estate and investment properties. She has been a great resource throughout the project.


She is very generous and whenever I needed questions answered, advice, or mentorship she was there."



Here’s an outline of the PROVEN PROFIT FORMULA course

Step 1. Leverage Your Wealth 

Learn how to use the cash and credit you’ve earned to maximize your return on investment.


- Know your credit score and net worth

- Examine your cash and credit position

- Specify all funding sources available to you

- Identify sources of alternative financing - Hard money, partnerships, etc.


Step 2. Identify Your Investment Vision


Learn how to develop a wealthy mindset to be a savvy investor.


- Discover the best investing strategy for you

- Examine your skill level in areas relevant to investing

- Know your core money style

- Deal with any “F” factors in your life

- Adopt the 7 Keys to a Wealthy Mindset


Step 3.  Know Your Numbers 

Learn how to tell a good deal from a bad deal with cold, hard math.


- Learn important real estate investing terminology

- Use Cash Flow Analysis to identify viable investments

- Know how to calculate ROI (Return on Investment) on any property

- Know how to tell a good deal from a bad deal every time


Step 4. Grow The Numbers 

Learn advance tips to Increase your return through rent, renovations and management.


- How to evaluate market rents 

- Learn strategies to optimize rent income

- What you need to know if you self-manage your rentals

- Key points for hiring a property management company 

Step 5. Pull The Trigger 

Learn how to double and triple check your investment before you sign on the dotted line.


- Identify potential threats to the value of your real estate investment 

- Learn the due diligence process at each stage of investing:

   - Pre-Acquisition

   - Acquisition

   - Financial review

   - Positioning your assets

   - Title and closing


Step 6. Choose Your Power Team


The experts you need on call for the highest value deal.


- Discover the eight categories of professional support you must have to succeed

- Identify specific people to be on each team


Step 7. Spring Into Action 

Develop your personal blueprint to find deals and grow a portfolio.


- Implement your main investing strategy

- Evaluate specific tasks you need to ​do to improve

- Create an action plan

- Find your next deal!

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Throughout the course:

You can ask questions inside any section

and get LeAnn’s responses and mentoring.


Someone you trust and a place to ask questions right when you are stuck. That’s what makes

the difference as an investor.


LeAnn will be there to get you

going and to support you the whole way.


Ready to become a smart investor? Click GET STARTED to book your free strategy session with LeAnn.


We know you’re a smart person. Yet even smart confident people get stuck when it comes to doing something new…especially when it involves investing their own money.


You’re not used to doing this type of investing on your own. You might be scared of making mistakes and losing a lot of money.


The PROVEN PROFIT FORMULA course will give you the knowledge, skills and tools you need to proceed with confidence! 


With the PROVEN PROFIT FORMULA, you are automatically included in a community of serious like-minded people who are growing portfolios right now-

people already doing deals just like you.


You will have instant access to our private Facebook group for connection

with people like you…no matter what stage of investing you are in.


You’ll have the input and support of the whole community

in a safe, informal and interactive environment.


You can share what you’re doing and why, deals you’re considering, structuring the deals, getting past the roadblocks, and more.


Learn from other people’s successes…and mistakes!

Are you ready to join the community? 


you will go through a brief onboarding process including access to the online course, weekly coaching calls, bonuses, and an invitation to our private Facebook group. 


Then jump right into learning the system!


In each module of the course, and at your own pace, you’ll watch LeAnn Riley's Proven Profit Formula coaching

videos including helpful downloaded worksheets.


You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions of LeAnn right in the course. And at the end of each step , you’ll take a short quiz to make sure you’ve absorbed the material.


You'll be able to review any video section again to ensure you've got the information down.

“After working with LeAnn, I now have the practical tools to guide future investment decisions.

I think the biggest thing is knowing it can be done, and it can be done quickly. LeAnn told me that at the start.


Now I’m not afraid of buying another property...

I’m not thinking of everything that could go wrong.

I’m thinking of everything that could go right!”




This is an online program, so you can move through the course at your own pace - any time, day or night!

Live coaching calls with LeAnn are included for up to 12 months after registration for the course. 


Many students from all over the country have completed this training and are successfully investing in real estate.  


How well you do with the information learned depends on you! How much time you invest and how committed

you are to learning and applying the content will make a difference in

how quickly you achieve cash flow income from your investments.


We can assure you…you’ll have the steps, the formulas, and the support you need to make it happen! 

Have questions?


Click GET STARTED to schedule your free strategy session with LeAnn.



This program will get you going, and help you DO A DEAL. It will get you over the analysis paralysis…and the fear!


The quickest way to cash flow is to buy a deal and get started.

It's easy to complete the course in only 60 days.


If you're ready to start earning passive income, click



Before you sign up, remember…this course is for financially responsible people who have access to some funds (doesn’t have to be a large amount), and are ready and willing to create a cash flowing stream of income.

Have questions?

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commitment-free strategy session with LeAnn.

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LeAnn Riley's PROVEN PROFIT FORMULA online study course teaches you--on your own time--the step-by-step system to get cash flow deals. 


Learn how to quickly launch and grow a real estate investing portfolio with predictability and  minimal risk, using the best strategy for YOU. 

"LeAnn showed me my leverage and how to look at that leverage as an advantage. Her approach is totally different….I was able to see my blind spot in investing and get off the couch! Now, I have the fire burning to get a property and there is NO REASON to wait.


With LeAnn, I got a FULL TOOL BOX. Now I have my checklist and know exactly HOW TO INVEST and which strategy is the BEST FOR ME! It's easy now with my Tool Box.”


The 7-Step



Includes weekly LIVE group coaching with LeAnn, so you have the opportunity to interact with her personally and have help to move through those tough spots faster.

Step 1. Leverage Your Wealth 


Step 2. Identify Your Investment Vision 


Step 3.  Know Your Numbers 

Step 4. Grow The Numbers 


Step 5. Pulling The Trigger 


Step 6. Choosing Your Power Team  

Step 7. Spring Into Action



Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program Regular Price: $10,000

NOW ONLY $8,000

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FREE Bonus #1:

“How to Get Started at Real Estate Investing” 


The hardest step is the first one when it comes to investing in real estate. Most people just don’t know which strategy is best for them or how to go about getting that first property.


Learn how to get started, even if you have never invested before. 


FREE Bonus #2: 

“7 Keys to a Wealthy Mindset” 


Becoming a savvy investor begins and ends with having the right mindset. This is what motivates and sets the stage for your way of being. You must take the RIGHT actions

that create wealth and bring it to you.

Learn ways to keep your head in the game, make smart choices and draw the right people and deals your way. 

FREE Bonus #3: 

"LeAnn Riley’s Real Estate Investing Club" 


LIVE Webinars to learn from experienced investors and experts who offer tips, tools, techniques and trends on the latest profit building ideas in real estate investing. You can get your questions answered LIVE.  


FREE Bonus #4: 

“Private Facebook Community of Students” 


I am also including access to a dedicated Facebook coaching group set up specifically for students to get quick answers, receive support, share deals and get unstuck!  Lots of information and community of like-minded investors. It’s a special way to stay connected with LeAnn and keep up to date on the trends in real estate investing. Remember, she is an active Realtor so she knows what's happening!


Regular Price $10,000​


 ONLY $8,000

Using promo code JOINNOW


--- Includes bonus items ---


Book a strategy session

or email support@leannriley.com

and we will be happy to help.

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