Real Estate Investing Classes Online

LeAnn Riley, a successful real estate expert, built a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio. If you are looking for a mentor or coach, someone as a guide to real estate investing, check out the Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program on how to get started as a real estate investor. It includes online real estate investing classes AND weekly group coaching with LeAnn.

As founder and owner of the Real Estate Investing Made SIMPLE real estate club–a free monthly virtual LIVE webinar–she interviews other real estate experts and shares her expertise through a nationwide training and coaching program on becoming a successful real estate investor. LeAnn also leads the Encore Investment Team of Realtors in Minnesota.

Building On The Family Dream Of Entrepreneurship

LeAnn’s mom and dad inspired her with their entrepreneurial spirit. Her dad, a plumber, and her mom, a combination freelance reporter and artist, raised eight kids and knew the meaning of hard work. As a result, the family’s conversation often centered around business ideas and reaching new heights through action by leaving your comfort zone.

Armed with this positive background, LeAnn was employed by other companies helping them to build their businesses. But she quickly realized, it was the owner of the businesses she helped build who made the gains, not the employees.

LeAnn realized she would never get where she wanted to be in terms of wealth and happiness working for others. After seven years, she returned to college and developed a publishing company. She created a successful dance magazine, developed a market stream, obtained subscribers, and ran the operation for 20 years. However, more opportunity was on the horizon for LeAnn as she got a taste of the real estate game and the possible profits the market brings.

When Real Estate Peaked LeAnn’s Interest

LeAnn recounts how she discovered a deal to purchase a condemned triplex. The purchase called for her and her husband to come up with $50,000 to acquire the property. But where were they going to get the funds. The fix came to LeAnn: as her investor mindset took over, she decided to leverage a house they owned but still had a few projects remaining. Fortunately, her husband was a contractor and friends were available to help. After maxing credit cards and utilizing sweat equity to finish those projects, the couple refinanced and made the required $50,000.

With the homestead leveraged and repairs complete on the first rental property–a triplex, LeAnn and her husband rented out the three units for monthly cash flow, and also pulled out cash ($135,000) from refinancing the property that now had increased in value after the full rehab they had completed. They now had a cash flowing asset AND money to do the whole process over again. This is the BRRRR strategy of real estate investing–buy, rehab, rent, refinance and repeat.

Developing An Investor’s Mindset

Throughout the process, LeAnn developed her investor mindset and wealth-building practices. Learning from the first project, LeAnn started creating a system and now understood how to improve on the next deal, a four-plex with excellent earning potential. LeAnn knows that first-timer real estate projects are prone to things going wrong. She remembers some of their project issues, including the theft of a new furnace post-delivery, a small kitchen fire mid-rehab, and extreme time delays. However, the couple figured it out, moved forward, and kept their eyes on the profit potential.

LeAnn doubles down on the fact: it’s about mindset.

“LeAnn showed me how to look at my leverage as an advantage.

Her approach is totally different…

I was able to see my blind spot in investing and get off the couch!

Now, I have the fire burning…and got my first investment after only 30 days in the Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program.”


Mental Attitude And Investing In Real Estate

The right mental attitude and real estate investor training give you the confidence to leap into the action necessary to start wealth building.

As a master coach and real estate expert, LeAnn Riley offers real estate investor classes online combined with group coaching to students around the United States, helping them realize their financial goals, leveraging position, and best strategy.

Her Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program gets them into action growing a stable and profitable income stream. In addition, her vast experience in real estate negotiations provides students with knowledgeable guidance to navigate the real estate market.

About Investing In Real Estate

Approximately 97% of millionaires make money investing in real estate, and their key to wealth building is maintaining multiple streams of income. Understanding the real estate market helps identify local trends and predict the best neighborhoods, properties, and features for investing purposes.

Taking real estate investing classes or training gets you into the game more quickly and successfully than if you jump in without the needed knowledge, tools and skills that come with the training.

Take a Look at a Few 2021 Real Estate Investing Statistics:

  • From 2007 to 2021, the number of stock market investors fell 50 percent from two-thirds, due to many millennials now opting to invest in real estate instead. As a result, United States home values have increased 7.2 percent since 2018.
  • There are 75 million owner-occupied homes in the US compared to 44 million renter-occupied homes.
  • Thirty-two percent of investment property owners currently rent or plan to rent their property as short-term vacation rentals.
  • The US’s average nightly short-term rental rate is from $186 to $978 per night in popular vacation destinations.
  • By 2025, Millennials expect to maintain over 20 million new households.
  • 91 of the 100 top housing markets saw rent increases over the past year.
  • Individual real estate investors account for 74.4 percent of rental properties in the United States.

Key Reasons For Investing In Real Estate

The benefits of growing an investment portfolio with real estate are numerous. With well-chosen assets, investors have predictable cash flow, excellent returns, tax advantages, diversification, and the possibility to build wealth by leveraging real estate.

Here Are the Points:

  • Real estate investors create a stable income through rental income, appreciation, and profits generated by their properties.
  • The benefits of investing in real estate include cash flow, passive income, tax credits, diversification, and leverage.
  • Real estate investment trusts or REITs allow investors to invest in real estate without owning or operating properties.

Why Take Real Estate Investing Classes Online?

Real estate investor training isn’t for everyone. However, ask yourself, do you want to live the life of your dreams now, not later? LeAnn Riley’s real estate investment classes–the Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program–outline a systematic approach to real estate investing, so you’ll obtain enough money and time to accomplish that goal.

Quality real estate, purchased within specific guidelines and a long-term strategy, alters your life financially and gives you the independence to live a life with more freedom and meaning. You’ll get quality guidance through LeAnn’s Proven Profit Formula real estate investing classes online.

Consider Real Estate Investment Classes If You:

  • Have repeatedly thought about investing in real estate.
  • Want to know key points for deciphering a good deal from a bad deal.​
  • Aren’t sure which investment strategy will work best for you.
  • Have fear about investing or being scammed.
  • Have concerns that you don’t have enough money to invest in real estate
  • Don’t know if you have the proper knowledge to invest in real estate.
  • Don’t have the time required for in-person real estate investor training.
  • Worry about acquiring resources like labor and materials.

If you answered yes to any one of these bullet points, real estate investment classes are your answer.

What Students Are Saying About Real Estate Investing Classes Online

An excellent curriculum for real estate investors should present relevant information provided in a logical order that’s easy to understand, both for the beginner and the more experienced investor.

As seen from student reviews of LeAnn’s real estate investment classes, she hits the mark. Students of the real estate investment classes say the content is solid, and that LeAnn is informative, patient and supportive. Others say thanks to LeAnn; they see the whole real estate investing picture.

With Real Estate Investing Classes Online–the Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program–in as little as 60 days you can learn how to invest in real estate and acquire a starting property without committing to a ton of time and work.

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