Real Estate Investing Mentorship Program

Real estate investing is about buying, owning, renting, and/or selling of the land and structure associated with it for the main purpose of earning profits. Our main coaching and mentorship objective is to guide you through the ins and outs of real estate investing so that you are successful.

As with any other investment opportunity out there, real estate investing has its ‘sharks’ and scams, so you need a guide or mentor to show you how to navigate the waters for a smooth ride.

It’s not easy to find a real estate investing mentor who is knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy. LeAnn Riley’s Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program provides the real estate investing mentorship that helps avoid major mistakes and supports your success.

What to Expect from Our Real Estate Investment Coaching and Mentorship Program

Here’s the difference between the Proven Profit Formula program and other real estate investment training options.  LeAnn is more than just a coach.  She’s a mentor, who stays with her students for the longer term with weekly group coaching calls, including deal analysis, handling difficult situations and inspiring students toward continuous growth and greater success.

Here’s What LeAnn Riley’s Real Estate Mentorship Program Offers:

  • The Proven Profit Formula Coaching online course can be completed in as little as 60 days at your own pace
  • One of the best real estate investing courses to get you in action with all the right steps for quick understanding of the fundamentals needed to build a portfolio
  • Detail-rich classes on real estate investing including videos, worksheets, formulas and essential tools to bring you passive income more quickly
  • Opportunity to ask LeAnn Riley questions in each module as you learn
  • Weekly group coaching with LeAnn’s one-on-one attention
  • An ongoing mentoring relationship with LeAnn that continues beyond completion of the course via the weekly group coaching calls included in the program
  • An incredible community of like-minded investors, and opportunities to learn and partner with other investors
  • Learn ideas, trends in real estate investing, property management tips, how to master real estate investing, doing deal reviews, so you practice the tools and can tell a good deal from a bad deal
  • How to optimize your current real estate investments to generate more income
  • Strategies to scale a real estate investment portfolio quickly with minimum risk

“Thank you for your outstanding effort and time during our training. You made an intimidating and sometimes boring topic fun, exciting and understandable and got us investing quick.”


What Our Real Estate Investing Coaching and Mentorship Program Will Teach You:

  • How to launch and grow a real estate investing business with minimal risk
  • How to get started at real estate investing and buy your first property possibly within 60 days
  • How to optimize your leverage so you can own more investment properties and grow a portfolio
  • How to figure out the real estate strategy that is best for your personal financial situation and skillset
  • Learn the basic skills needed to buy any real estate investment with proven tools for a lifetime of investing
  • Build an investment property portfolio quickly and with real estate investment coaching
  • Grow your personal wealth with passive income from real estate investment mentorship and one of the best real estate investing courses.  You get access to LeAnn who has built a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio and leads a team of investment property Realtors.

The 7 Steps of the Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program:

  1. Leverage Your Wealth
  2. Identify Your Investment Vision
  3. Know Your Numbers
  4. Grow the Numbers
  5. Cover the Bases
  6. Choose Your Power Team
  7. Spring into Action

Why You Need Both Coaching and Mentoring:

LeAnn Riley’s real estate investing mentorship program includes both her coaching and mentoring.

What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring? LeAnn’s coaching will introduce you to the ins and outs of real estate investing, reinforcing what you learned in the online program classes. In the weekly coaching calls, you will continue on your learning journey by working through real world investing issues, problems and questions with coaching provided by LeAnn’s years of experience and real estate investing expertise. You learn from hearing other students’ stories and challenges. Also, you gain practice and share ideas BEFORE you make a mistake.

At the same time LeAnn becomes a mentor to her students, encouraging them to face their fears, adjust their attitudes, think bigger for long-term success at real estate investing. She takes each student where they are and helps them to see the possibilities, to reinforce their strengths, motivate them to succeed, and guide the way toward change when it’s needed.

As your mentor, LeAnn draws on years of doing real estate investment deals making mistakes, learning from others and resolving issues.  There are very few issues that come up in her coaching calls that she hasn’t had some experience with in her years in the business.  In addition, she is a master certified coach and has been helping business owners succeed for over 25 years. LeAnn helps her students figure out the answers instead of telling them what to do.

At the completion of our real estate investment mentorship program, you’ll have an edge over your rivals as well as confidence that you’ve now got all the necessary tools for growing passive income and achieving financial independence. And, you’ll have a guide to go to for questions as you actually invest.

But not only that, you’ll be past analysis paralysis because you have completed a real estate investment class that taught you how to get started as a real estate investor in enough detail to buy a property in 60 days. And you will be part of the Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program with access to weekly real estate investing coaching and mentoring as you build and grow your portfolio.

Time to get off the couch and get started?  No need to keep searching to find the right real estate investing mentorship.  LeAnn’s program is all you need for learning the fundamentals, tools and principles to get started and succeed as a real estate investor.

If You Would Like to Learn More About a Real Estate Investing Mentorship Program with LeAnn Riley, Contact Us by Booking a Free Strategy Session Now