LeAnn has been teaching the art of Real Estate Investing Made SIMPLE for over 25 years. After building a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio including residential, multi-family, condo development, commercial and vacation properties, she now devotes much of her time to training and coaching on how to become a savvy real estate investor. As a National Coach, LeAnn Riley teaches her Proven Profit Formula to people around the US, helping them to get started as investors, choose a strategy and location, and acquire properties.

​1. Real Estate Investing Made SIMPLE
The 7 keys to getting started with a Proven Profit Formula

2. What is your Money Style?
Discover your personal money style and uncover how to shift your beliefs to attract money

​3. Wealthy Mindset of A Savvy Investor
Learn the Seven Mindset Principles that attract wealth and prosperity

4. Real Estate: Strategy and Trends in Investing
Which strategy fits your lifestyle and trends to watch