You may still be living in COVID-19 quarantine, or maybe you’re on the edge of stepping out into a new way of living. There seem to be three choices now:

  1. Go back to where you were
  2. Seize new opportunities
  3. Go down

It’s a personal choice, even if your finances are dire. With stimulus packages–for those who could figure out how to apply for them–there is some relief even if your business is failing, your job is lost or your tenants aren’t paying rent.

If you applied, as a landlord you may even be able to recover nicely with funds from some deferred maintenance projects to apply to your properties. It depends on which of the three choices you made for your life.

Changing behaviors is a personal choice. Now that the shock and desperation have passed, many people are evaluating their lives and relationships. For some, that means shoring up finances, completing wills and estate plans, or maybe handling those procrastinated home maintenance tasks.

At this unprecedented chapter in our society, you may now be going below the surface to examine your former patterns, systems or habits. It could be personal items you’ve saved, old ways of working, or outdated processes in your business. So many tasks could be easier, delegated, automated or eliminated.

I know I’ve finally gotten down to the nitty gritty of what I want to KEEP in my life, and what I’m letting go of. Sometimes it takes a mentor or coach to help.