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Smart investing in real estate is about connections and resources

• Virtual Livestreams – LeAnn interviews experts

• Learn how to invest in real estate even if you are just beginning or wanting to scale

• Get questions answered LIVE

• Learn Proven Investing Strategies from Experts: Buy & hold, short term rentals, fix & flip, Brrrr, house hacking, value add, etc.

• Market Trends: Property management, residential, commercial, development, syndication and more

• Get solid advice and avoid costly mistakes

• Private Facebook group to network with fellow investors

• Access to Encore Investment Team of Realtors – MN

• Exclusive investing content and learning for club members

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“After working with LeAnn, I now have the practical tools to guide future investment decisions.

I think the biggest thing is knowing it can be done, and it can be done quickly. LeAnn told me that at the start.

Now I’m not afraid of buying another property…I’m not thinking of everything that could go wrong. I’m thinking of everything that could go right!” – EMMA

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The Encore Investment Team of Realtors specializes in investment property in the Minnesota market. We are guides to help you grow a smart investor portfolio.


Coaching Program

Learn how to get started and grow. The Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program will teach you the right strategies for building a portfolio quickly and safely without confusion or fear.



She has been teaching people the art of Real Estate Investing Made SIMPLE for over 25 years. LeAnn is a real estate expert who helps clients buy, sell, and invest and leads the Encore Investment Team of Realtors.

After building a multi-million-dollar portfolio, LeAnn developed the Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program and uses her skills to coach and mentor others in how to do the same.

As a National Coach/Trainer, she helps people choose a strategy and location, and acquire cash flowing properties.

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“LeAnn is a great Real Estate Investment Coach. Her ability to simplify how real estate works offers amazing opportunities for all levels of investors. Her knowledge, experiences building portfolios and her Proven Profit Formula strategies have helped me grow to over 30 units in just a year! She taught me leverage!

I still laugh at how I though paying for a coach was a concern. Well, she blasted that idea out of my head with in the first week of the program. Thanks, LeAnn.” – RUSSELL

The truth is…You don’t need a ton of money or knowledge to get started as a real estate investor.

You just need to know the right formulas and follow a system to be a smart investor.

In as little as 60 days, without a lot of time or work, you can learn how to invest in real estate and acquire a property.

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“LeAnn was easy to talk to and easy to get information from. We can see the whole real estate investing picture now.

Every time we met we came out with a lot of good information, and it was a good learning experience for us.

Working the Proven Profit Formula provided the tools to refine our business  so we could make as much money as possible from our investments, and that’s what we did! It was great to work with LeAnn.” – JA + Connie.