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During this brief online training, you’ll discover the simple step-by-step real estate investing
system to get started with cash flowing properties.

The method I share in this exclusive training is exactly what you need to start building your
portfolio and making passive income through real estate.

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What Real Estate Investing Provides –
Real Freedom NOW!

  • Real Freedom NOW is having enough money and time to live the life of your dreams NOW, not later.
  • Quality real estate, purchased within specific guidelines and a long term strategy, can alter your life financially and give you the independence to live a life with more freedom and meaning.
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Real Estate Investing Made
Simple is Designed for:

People like you, who…

  • Have thought for a long time about investing in real estate
  • Want to know how to tell a good deal from a bad deal​
  • Aren’t sure which investing strategy will work best and quickest for you
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  • I have fear and anxiety about investing
  • I’m concerned I don’t have enough money
  • Don’t know if I have enough knowledge to invest in real estate
  • I don’t have time, as this seems like a lot of work
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LeAnn Riley has been teaching people the art of Real Estate Investing Made SIMPLE for over 25 years. LeAnn is a real estate expert who helps clients buy, sell, and invest.

As a National Coach, she teaches her Proven Profit Formula to people around the US, helping them get started as investors, choose a strategy and location, and acquire properties.

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The truth is…

You don’t need a ton of money or knowledge to get started as a real estate investor.

You just need to know the right formulas and follow a system to be a smart investor.

In as little as 60 days, without a lot of time or work, you can learn how to invest in real estate and acquire a property.

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“LeAnn helped me find a rehab property for investment.

She has vast knowledge in real estate and investment properties.
She has been a great resource throughout the project.

She is very generous and whenever I needed questions
answered, advice, or mentorship she was there.”

Ali, Minnetonka MN

“LeAnn is a knowledgeable, trustworthy, and a diligent real estate agent.

She has helped us build our rental portfolio and has given us
helpful advice and mentorship every step of the way.

We love working with her and recommend her skills to others looking to build their portfolios.”

Renae & Dean, Minneapolis MN

“After working with LeAnn, I now have the practical tools to guide future investment decisions.

I think the biggest thing is knowing it can be done, and it can be done quickly.

LeAnn told me that at the start.

Now I’m not afraid of buying another property…I’m not thinking of everything
that could go wrong. I’m thinking of everything that could go right!”

Emma, Chicago IL

“Working with LeAnn was an absolute joy –
very informative, educational and enlightening.

She gave me the confidence I need to take the next steps.

I would highly recommend this course to anybody who’s unsure of how to get going in real estate.
It helped me save thousands in expenses with my rentals.
Every session was applicable to my real estate world!”

Dawn, Philadelphia PA

“LeAnn was easy to talk to and easy to get information from.
We can see the whole real estate investing picture now.

Every time we met we came out with a lot of good information, and it was a good learning experience for us.

Working the Proven Profit Formula provided the tools to refine our business
so we could make as much money as possible from our investments, and that’s what we did!
It was great to work with LeAnn.”

JA and Connie, Houston TX