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What’s happening RIGHT NOW in the real estate sector? As a real estate broker and investing coach, here’s my take on the current market.

Changing Market Conditions

  • Has the V Recovery started? YES! The housing market is already in a historic rebound.

Market Update – Covid July – Buyers & Sellers

  • The impact of low inventory is creating a sellers market, often with multiple offers.

Positioning your Sell and Buy

  • Selling? Be aware of what buyers want—
    Move-in ready: Many buyers don’t have the skills or interest in updating or repairing their new home.
    Have a home office? More peeps with at-home jobs are done working in the kitchen or the bedroom. Can you plan a space that might be appealing?
    Is the open concept still viable? Working at home, kids in the house,…too much going on without walls or other separation.
  • Buying? Be ready!
    Identify your Realtor
    Have your financing in order (are you pre-approved?)
    Work with your buying team and be ready for quick decisions.


  • Understand the effects of forbearance, and what it means for your next investment.

Times are still tough with the pandemic, but lots of people are
taking action to BUY-SELL-INVEST.