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One of the main challenges for new property investors is raising capital for real estate investments. In reality, getting funding for income property is not that difficult if you go about it the right way.

The BIG question is HOW do I find partners and convince them I’m the right person to invest in? You may have heard the usual answer –

Once you have a few successful deals under your belt,

  • Hop on all your social media channels and showcase what you’ve accomplished.
  • Take the time and research every networking opportunity available to you, whether it be simple small business associations, investment clubs, or even regional or national conferences.
  • Once people know who you are and what you do, they will reach out to you to offer joint ventures, partnerships, hard money, and all kinds of other fun stuff.

But…THIS IS HARD, AND DOESN’T WORK WELL, especially in COVID times. What if there is another method? A business building method that really does attract money? AND what if you don’t have to do it all yourself? How about an easier way to attract money for deals? Ever heard of a Money Partner Formula?

Dave DuBeau is the founder of the done-for-you investor attraction marketing service for Real Estate Entrepreneurs–The Money Partner Formula™. Dave Dubeau–real estate entrepreneur, best-selling author and highly sought-after trainer and consultant– believes NOW is the ideal time to line up investor partners.

He says COVID is going to create “AMAZING opportunities” for those capital-ready real estate entrepreneurs who are prepared to take advantage of them.

To know more about Dave and his products, check him out on his website. In the meantime, we’re sharing his 5-step approach to raising capital:

  1. Gather, Filter & Reconnect – Build a list of contacts
  2. Present with Poise & Power – Create a professional slide presentation
  3. Communicate Constantly & Consistently – Develop a well-planned marketing effort
  4. Demonstrate Your Expertise & Authority – Build likeability and trust
  5. Start the “Snowball Effect” – Grow beyond one or two investors

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