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Have you dreamed of living off the passive income of Real Estate?

Wondered about what it takes to get started or scale a portfolio?

Do you feel stuck and not sure what to do next?

Do you dream of quitting your J.O.B. and living a life of freedom?

It’s possible…with real estate passive income. Dean & Renae did it and you can too! Watch this interview to learn how they built a 50 unit portfolio and travel the world.

Live life on your terms. Vacation when you want to and not when your boss says you can go. Spend lots of time with family. Never miss out on important events in your kids’ life.

In this video you will learn the following…

A. How they overcame the nerves and fear and took a big leap. They bought 2 four plexes and stretched to get started on the right track. “It was the best decision they ever made,” says Dean.

B. What the “one” big thing was that got them their success. A hint: Focus.

C. Which strategy lead to quickest expansion.

D. How they used their strengths and worked together as a team and the calculated risks they made.

Dean and Renae have over 50 rental units that they acquired in less than 10 years. They are expert fulltime investors who purchase mostly value add multi-family properties. Renae does all of their property management. This saves them time and keeps their costs down. Dean knows the numbers and takes care of most of the handyman work.

Now, they started to move their money into syndications. This is allowing them more time to travel the world. They just got back from Portugal, and they were on vacation again in Nashville on the video.

7 Steps to Passive Income

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1. Leverage Your Wealth

What is Leverage?

  • Allows investors to Use OPM (Other People’s Money). When you use leverage, you are borrowing the money to purchase the property. The most common form of leverage is to obtain a mortgage.

Leverage helps you to get a much greater ROI (Return on Investment) then buying with all cash.

Example is if you purchased a property for $100,000 with all cash and your cash flow was $1000 per month. Your yearly ROI would be 12%.

Now if you got a mortgage on the same property instead with 25% down and a 5% interest rate. Your monthly payment would be $400 per month and cash flow would now be $600 per month. However, since you invested less cash ($25,000 instead of $100,000) your ROI is now 29%.

Use leverage rather than all your cash on one deal.  You could go out and purchase three more similar properties with the remaining $75,000.  Your money goes a lot further in growing a portfolio using leverage.

2. Identify Your Investment Vision

This is where you determine the best strategy given your personal skills. Also, you must take a look at your mindset around money. With a microscope on your beliefs, you can shift your thoughts and confidence as an investor with our tools.

Strategies for Investing

  • Buy and Hold for Appreciation
  • Buy Rentals for Income/Cash Flow
  • Profit by Adding Value (rehab, flip or hold)
  • Uncover Off Market deals and Innovative Financing Alternatives

Skills Related to Investing

  • Financial
  • Business
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Technology
  • Investing in the Right Education

Wealthy Mindset – 7 Keys

  1. Clarity and Focus
  2. Certainty and Confidence
  3. Support and Team Building
  4. Persistence and Decisiveness
  5. Faith and Trust
  6. Systems and Sequence
  7. Curiosity and Opportunities

3. Know Your Numbers

Understanding the terminology and what metrics you are going to use is key.  Without this, you might invest in a lot of bad deals unknowingly.  Are you buying for good Cash Flow, a strong Cap Rate, Cash on Cash return, or a solid ROI?

You must first know the formulas to determine what qualifies as a good investment for you and your family. Then calculate each property’s numbers to determine if it is a “good deal or a bad deal”. Without this knowledge you are likely investing hit or miss, growing at a slower rate and perhaps even losing money!

4. Grow Your Numbers

Optimize your rental income by:

  • Getting market rent
  • Screening for the right tenants
  • Raising rents when appropriate
  • Making improvements to the property to raise the rental value

You can do this yourself or hire a property management company to handle most of it.  If you hire a property manager, remember, you still have to “Manage the Manager”.

5. Cover the Bases

  • Double and Triple check Investments before signing on the dotted line.
  • Identify potential threats to the value of your investment
  • Do the Due Diligence – pre-closing
  • Financial Review with the end game in mind – how long are you holding the property?

6. Choose Your Power Team 

  • Business/Management Team
  • Real Estate Team
  • Wealth Team
  • Legal Team
  • Maintenance/Rehab Team
  • Leasing/Customer Service Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Support Team

7. Spring into Action 

All the greatest planning in the world is worthless without the proper action. You must sprint into action if YOU want to live off the passive income of real estate. Don’t worry about the market. With the right team of realtors to help, there is always a deal out there.

Don’t forget, I lead the Encore Investment Team of Realtors. We will guide you along the path of successful investing. See below to book a strategy session.

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