How to Start Investing In Real Estate

How to Get the Right Training as a Real Estate Investor

Are you planning to become a real estate investor? If so, you’ll need the right training and probably coaching. Luckily,
our easy-to-understand, effective and affordable online course–the Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program–will teach you everything you need to know for a lifetime of investing.

If you’re wondering how to start investing in real estate, start with education!

Here’s what you need to know about our unique and effective online courses on investing in real estate:

Why Do You Need the Right Real Estate Investing Advice?

The real estate investing training and advice that you receive can make the difference between your success or failure as a real estate investor. Luckily, if you take our real estate investing courses, you can rest assured that you will have the tools that you need to run a successful business in real estate.

Here’s why it’s so important to have the right training in this field:

  • You’ll need to know how to locate and acquire properties that are likely to produce positive cash flow and increase in value through appreciation
  • It will be essential that you know how to properly manage your real estate properties so you can continue to build and grow a portfolio.
  • Trying to go it alone delays your success and risks your profits. Fear is the number one reason people hesitate to get started as a real estate investor. Nothing happens until you take action and buy your first investment property.
  • Understand that you must have some capital to get started–you’ll need this for a down payment on a property, and some funds should go toward education. After all, no matter what career or method of business you choose to make money, those who make an investment in gaining the knowledge and skills to proceed will succeed much faster and be more profitable than those who try to do it on their own.

“LeAnn was easy to talk to and easy to get information from. We can see the whole real estate investing picture now.

Every time we met we came out with a lot of good information, and it was a good learning experience for us.

Working the Proven Profit Formula provided the tools to refine our business so we could make as much money as possible from our investments, and that’s what we did!
It was great to work with LeAnn.”


Important Things You Need to Know About How to Start Investing in Real Estate:

Do I Need to be a Realtor to Become a Real Estate Investor?

Becoming a real estate investor involves investing in properties you intend to draw income from, whereas becoming a Realtor involves helping other people buy and sell properties. Investors receive income generally from renting out their properties or flipping properties at a profit; Realtors receive a commission for each sale.

Both career paths require a working knowledge of the real estate market, strong interpersonal skills, hard work and focus on success. Real estate investing education and training focuses on these skills and much more. The short answer is No, you don’t need need to become a Realtor to be a successful real estate investor. In fact most investors are not agents.

Learn How to Choose the Right Properties

Choosing the wrong property can lead to higher risk and possibly severe losses.

One of the most important skills to learn for the starting investor is how to choose the right properties, and HOW TO KNOW they are the right properties. Unfortunately, losses can be substantial if you choose the wrong property, because there can be substantial upfront costs and unexpected repairs when investing in real estate.

Following the real estate investing advice of an expert will help you determine a good deal from a bad deal, and prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Luckily, having access to the right real estate investing advice will help to ensure that you are able to select the right property(ies) to invest in. This is one of many ways the course we offer will benefit you. In fact, many of our students say that taking our course, the Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program, helped to give them a much better understanding of the numbers to evaluate when it comes to choosing the right properties to invest in. This piece of real estate investing advice can make or break your career as a real estate investor, especially when you are just starting out in the field.

“With LeAnn’s help I bought my first house. She taught me the numbers and I was able to get my house with only $1000 down. I did a bunch of the work alongside my contractor and I now have a brand new kitchen and bathrooms.

I can hardly believe it was just six months ago I was renting and had no idea I qualified to invest.

House hacking is for me!”

– Reed

Learn How to Manage Your Properties and Business

In order to manage a real estate business, it’s important to have familiarity with both the real estate market and financial management. You need to put on your business hat, get your mindset squared away, and develop a reliable team of support to consistently and successfully manage your portfolio.

You’ll also need to learn real estate investing terminology, tools, formulas and outside resources that you will need for the professional management of your business. Luckily, our course will guide you through these steps. In addition you will have a real estate investing guide to help you learn quickly the right way to optimize your property.

Know How to Start Investing in Real Estate in Your State

If you’re taking a course to learn how to start investing in real estate, it will be essential to understand how to choose a market. It may be in your state OR you may choose a different market based on research and analysis of several markets. Many real estate investors choose to invest out of state.

Real estate investing guidance or real estate investing training ensures you have the knowledge that you need to navigate the real estate laws in whatever area you’re considering.

While it helps to work with real estate experts who live in your region, an experienced national real estate trainer and coach–like LeAnn–will have the knowledge and skills to direct you toward the resources you need regardless of your investing market. She provides proven systems and formulas that apply to any market as a guide to real estate investing.

Learn to Put Your Anxieties in Perspective

If you’re wondering how to start investing in real estate, most experts will tell you that having the right mindset is crucial. You’ll need to be able to remain confident and avoid letting your worries get the better of you.

It’s smart to surround yourself with people who are successful as real estate investors. This will certainly be possible if you choose our real estate course and follow the guidance and advice of the program. In the Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program you will develop a wealthy mindset of a savvy investor along with having the accountability of weekly group coaching with LeAnn. This helps develop the muscle of your mindset along with your skills as a real estate investor.

In fact, if you are wondering how to start investing in real estate, our course is the best choice. That’s because it’s broken into seven simple steps, which will allow almost anyone to develop the mindset and knowhow that it takes to be an effective and successful real estate investor. We teach you how to select the right property, in the right area that cash flows and how to build a portfolio of investment properties.

If You Start Investing in Real Estate, Prepare to Be a Landlord

In becoming a landlord, there are several things that will be extremely important to keep in mind, which you’ll learn in our real estate investment guide/course. Not only do you need to pay close attention to the legal regulations in your area, but you’ll also need to know how to properly communicate with tenants.

You may consider hiring a property management firm to handle this aspect of your business, but this expense will of course cut into your bottom line profits.

If you choose to manage properties yourself, here are few things to keep in mind:

  • It’s essential to develop a good relationships with your tenants from day one. Luckily, reputable real estate investment training, advice and/or guide will give you some guidance on setting this up.
  • Set up a system that ensures leases, rent payments and communication are in order from the start.
  • Make sure that you know how to screen and choose your tenants wisely. Not only can this help to protect your career as a landlord, but it can also help you to avoid a potentially serious source of stress.
  • Know how to optimize a property to earn the most income possible with your rental properties.

Why LeAnn Riley’s Real Estate Investment Course and Coaching Offers an Exceptional Start to Your Real Estate Investing Journey

We’re able to offer exceptional real estate investment information to aspiring investors because of our long-time experience in the industry. LeAnn built a multi-million dollar portfolio of properties in several states and is also a Realtor leading the Encore Investment Team. Her experience and knowledge when developing the Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program ensures the course offerings are up to date and timely to the economy, market shifts and your financial growth.

The course is designed for you to learn quickly how to invest, where to invest and to be confident in your decisions for building a real estate investment portfolio.

In addition, LeAnn is a certified master coach and has helped hundreds of people become successful real estate investors and build passive income streams. Not only does her experience help to ensure the accuracy of the information that we provide in our real estate investment course, it also prepares us to work with individuals with a variety of skill and experience.

Here’s what you need to know about our real estate course and how it differs from others:

  • It’s important to be familiar with price trends in the real estate of your region, which are likely to fluctuate. While you cannot predict how real estate values will change with any certainty, a reputable real estate instructor will be able to advise you on how prices in your region are likely to change. Our real estate investor training provides a national view on the market statistics and the how-to of forecasting for growth and appreciation in any market.
  • It’s essential to be able to talk with the instructors of the real estate courses you take, and we will offer you this opportunity with our weekly group coaching that enables you to meet personally with LeAnn to review deals, get clarification on instruction, get all your questions answered, and walk through the daily challenges of being a real estate investor. Many other options for a real estate investing class do not offer this personal one-on-experience.
  • Not only will we offer you exceptional real estate investing training, but you will get individually tailored advice through the weekly group coaching. This is something that most other courses do not offer.

Furthermore, our training is relatable and easy to understand. We’re very familiar with the latest in the real estate investing strategies, techniques and markets, and how to get a deal done as well as how to manage a portfolio.

If you take our course, you will get the best training on the market when it comes to knowlng how to identify and acquire properties, manage your properties and finances, anticipate future market conditions, and understand real estate investing formulas and tools. This can get your career and business off to a good start. So, set up a free strategy session today to discover if the Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program is a fit for you!

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