Real Estate Investing Club

Are you a real estate agent, real estate professional, or real estate investor? If yes, it is worth joining a real investment club to help improve your business, learn how to attract investor clients, learn the numbers and how investors calculate deals, network with real estate investors, and further your business.

It can be overwhelming to invest in a real estate property. You’ll have hefty overhead costs and deal with complex issues about taxes, property maintenance, and rent. Being a landlord isn’t for the timid or soft-hearted. As the owner of a property, you need to be firm and run the rental as a business. This can easily scare even the bravest investor.

Joining a real estate investing group can help ease some challenges of getting started. At most, it will help you take action to meet your financial objectives. This is because you will be in a group of like-minded people–entrepreneurs who are real estate investors, and you’ll hear stories of how they are handling their own portfolios. Whether it’s called a real estate investing group, real estate investment club, or real estate investment group, it’s important to understand both the pros and cons of joining such a club.

Our goal is to help you understand whether becoming a member of our Real Estate Investing Club would be a smart move for your business and/or career. Sometimes, you will find real estate investing clubs in your area under My real estate investing club is advertised on Meetup under two separate listings; Midwest Real Estate Investors Association and Real Estate Investing Made SIMPLE. You will find the free real estate investor meetings listed with the topic and speaker. It’s under real estate investing groups in Meetup, and that is where to look in any city to find investors. It’s also a great place to find vendors you may need to run your real estate investing business, especially if you are investing out of state.

Here’s the Scoop on LeAnn Riley’s
Real Estate Investing Club called
Real Estate Investing Made SIMPLE.

  • It’s a FREE real estate investing group.
  • ATTEND EVERY MONTH on Zoom, it’s a LIVESTREAM.  Second Wednesday of each month at 4 pm CST | Where: Virtual Meeting, attend in your own HOME (online, via live webinar). It’s also broadcast on Facebook Live.
  • LeAnn conducts LIVE INTERVIEWS. LeAnn interviews experts in the industry and people who are successful as real estate investors. Learn tips, tools, techniques and trends on the latest profit building ideas in real estate. ​
  •  You can ASK QUESTIONS.  Throughout the hour, you can ask questions directly to the panelists.
  • REGISTER ONE TIME. Get reminders for the next live stream.
  • REPLAYS emailed if you can’t make the time slot. Also…all livestream real estate investing club meetings are recorded and on LeAnn’s YouTube channel, LeAnnRileyRealEstate
  • EMAIL ME if you have a topic you want to know more about.
  • YOU TUBE: LeAnnRileyRealEstate has a full menu of past real estate investment club meetings so you can listen when you need the subject matter. For example, property management: an  interview with the owner of a property management company with over 600 units OR an interview with a person who manages their personal portfolio of 50 units. They share what works and what doesn’t when managing a property.

Real Estate Investing Club Topics

  • Investing strategies
  • Contracts for deed, financing real estate investments
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Capital raising
  • REITS – Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Hard money and how to use it
  • Real Estate Accounting
  • Insurance for Rental Properties
  • Foreclosures and Short Sales
  • ARV – After repair values and how to calculate
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Taxes for smart real estate investors
  • The Legal issues investing in real estate
  • Wealthy mindset of savvy investors
  • House Hacking & Brrrr Strategies
  • Investors – Get Ready For Retirement
  • Are We In A Housing Bubble – Real Estate Market Forecast
  • How Hard Money Works In Real Estate Investing
  • Common Real Estate Investment Mistakes To Avoid
  • Real Estate Investing Syndication – What Is It?
  • Investment Property Management The Right Way
  • Creative Financing For Investment Property
  • Real Estate Investing Trends for 2021
  • Finding Investors and Capital for Real Estate Investments
  • How To Self Manage Your Real Estate Rentals
  • Real Estate Style & Trends
  • What’s Stopping You From Investing In Real Estate
  • Where Do I Start Investing In Real Estate
  • …and MORE​

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Role of a Real Estate Investing Club

While LeAnn Riley has a specific format for her Real Estate Investing Club, below is more general information on the types of Real Estate investment groups out there, and how they typically operate.

Anyone wanting to learn about real estate investing, passive income and cash flow should join. Those people who are getting ready to invest in property can become a member of a real estate investment club.

Whether you’re a retiree, a college student, or wealthy businessperson, you’ll find a suitable club for each. Real estate investing clubs are dedicated to helping you learn the ropes of real estate investing.

The club may have seminars on commercial real estate, rental property, single-family homes, crowdfunding, or passive income real estate. Additionally, it can be an extensive focus of real estate at large.

A typical investment group can have a wide range of industry professionals such as experts at investing in real estate, Realtors and brokers, attorneys, accountants, investors who are accredited–or not, service professionals or contracts such as plumbers, electricians, handy persons or roofers

Typically, the purpose of an investing club is to bring real estate investors, professionals, and real estate industry experts together to learn, network, and transact businesses. Meetings include education on various investment techniques and topics.

Purposes of Real Estate Investing Clubs and Groups:

To Network

Joining an investment group is a great way to network. These clubs meet regularly and offer the members an opportunity to interact and get to know one another. So, you can network with attorneys, investors, contractors, or mortgage brokers.

You’ll likely make valuable contacts that you can apply in your daily business. If you can connect with a few individuals in a week, the meeting is worth it. Networking in such meetings will help build your contact base and may enable you to find great deals. Who knows….LeAnn has seen many people at her real estate investment club get to know one another and it later develops into a partnership on deals.


After having an informal networking session, many meetings will have a guest educational speaker. The speaker will share their expertise about a topic related to the real estate business of rental properties and growing passive income. Plus, these speakers have rich information you can find suitable for your business. In real estate investing, it’s critical to think quick and take action so just one tip can possibly save you much anxiety and a bunch of money.

Though some speakers may discuss topics that have never crossed your mind, they may contribute to the shaping of your business.

Real-World Experience

Investment groups or clubs will allow you to interact with individuals who might have great deals. Some of them will tell you how good their businesses are doing. Other people will narrate some scary stories. Both stories can be valuable.

Listening to such stories will give you a perfect idea of the do’s and don’ts. You may have never considered things like local rental laws or budgeting, but their stories can make a significant change to how you proceed in your business.

There’s always something new to learn from the experience of fellow investors. Listen to what other investors have to say and apply what you want to your business. In addition, you will be motivated and inspired to get going on building your own portfolio. There is often an attitude adjustment in one’s mind:  If they can do it, I can do it.

Attract Great Deals

Attending investment meetings has a direct payoff in that it can lead to great deals. Well, that may not happen in your first meeting, but after several sessions, you’re bound to hear about some awesome deals to scale a real estate portfolio.

Linking up with real estate agents, fellow investors, attorneys, and mortgage brokers can translate into deals. However, these investment clubs don’t assure you of great deals. They simply increase your opportunities for getting them. They put you in contact with the right people.

The Real Estate Investing Made SIMPLE club, LeAnn Riley’s real estate investment club is owned by LeAnn Riley who is a real estate Broker at Realty Group in Minnesota. She runs a team of investment property Realtors that can help you quickly find the right investment property. They will help you buy, sell or invest in single family, multifamily or short term rental property.

Pros of Real Estate Investing Groups:

Allows for Investments

Many people find it hard to invest in this industry due to the hefty costs of buying a real estate property. Some real estate investment clubs or groups are set up to allow members to pool their money with a joint investment goal. By doing so, it becomes easier to buy homes or commercial real estate.

In short, these groups offer a great chance to invest more and cushion the impacts of overhead costs by partnering or getting involved in a REIT, DST or real estate syndication.


Real estate investing clubs have a responsibility to bring people together. When members go for a monthly meeting, they meet and interact–whether in person or virtually–with different people in the industry. In the interview or livestreams, you get to meet the expert. It’s similar to interviewing the vendor to see if you want to do business together. Do they fit your real estate investing strategy?

Therefore, you can grow your contacts with other realtors, attorneys, and many more and grow your business. Moreover, networking may help you find great deals from the people you interact with. This can be a huge win for your business growth and success.

Opportunities to Partner

If you don’t like the idea of working alone, these real estate investing groups offer opportunities to partner with other like-minded people. This can be beneficial, especially if you’re new to the industry and need some guidance. In addition, LeAnn Riley offers coaching and training along with real estate investing classes. Check out for details. Did you know you can get started as an investor in just 60 days with the Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program?

Allows You to Advertise Your Business

Since you’ll be meeting new people, there’s a greater chance for you to promote your business. Share information about your business with attorneys, real estate agents, and fellow investors.

Interact with as many of them as you can. They may help promote your products and services either directly or indirectly.

Real estate investment groups are beneficial and worthwhile to any investor. Our guide above will help you decide on whether to join one or not.

Ultimately, these real estate investing groups offer an excellent opportunity to become knowledgeable, meet with people, invest, and grow your business or career. Just be sure to do your research and find a genuine real estate investment group, then get off the couch and start your real estate investing business.

Expand Your Knowledge

By attending our meetings and interacting, you’ll greatly benefit from the members’ chats besides benefiting from the practical teachings about multiple real estate-related topics. The knowledge you acquire will help you make better decisions about your business. Any group that is dedicated to educating the members continuously, the better. That is the intent of Real Estate Investing Made SIMPLE, our real estate investing club.

You can access free and exclusive content from LeAnn Riley’s club when you join. This lets you learn new ideas, trends, and techniques in real estate. Simply check out the YouTube channel at LeAnnRileyRealEstate for all the meetings from the past several years. It a ton of FREE smart investing tips, strategies and contacts.

The bottom line is, it offers a perfect chance to learn about the new or various investing strategies and trends in the real estate market whether local or nationally. LeAnn highlights Market Trends twice a year with statistics and research. As an expert Realtor and investor, she keeps you in tune with the market. As an investor, you need to think and plan ahead to make the right move with your money at the right time.

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