Real Estate Investment Coaching with LeAnn Riley

You have likely seen or heard about the boom in real estate over the past few years. The real estate sector has seen very high profit margins recently. From the government to private investors, the real estate market is being pumped with money from every sector. This has caused a rush of inexperienced individuals who are investing, though many have left the arena with more losses than gains.

That is where our real estate investment coaching comes in. We offer you real estate coaching to not only guide you on what to look for, but also what to avoid. Real estate, like any other investment opportunity out there, has its ‘sharks’ and scams, so we will show you how to navigate the waters for a smooth ride.

Real estate investing is about buying, owning, renting, and/or selling land and structures associated with it for the main purpose of earning profits.

Our main coaching objective is to guide you through the ins and outs of real estate investing so you become a successful investor.

Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Real Estate Investing Coach:

  • How long have they worked or invested in real estate?
  • What strategy has worked best for them, and will it work the same for you if you are you willing to try it?
  • How did the investor find his/her niche before their big break?
  • What are some of their goals for the long run in the real estate industry?
  • What guidance does the coach/mentor offer a beginner to become successful at real estate investing?
  • How does Real Estate Investment Coaching work in the Proven Profit Formula?
  • What steps do I need to take to get started as an investor?
  • Is investing in other markets safe and can you help me decide where to invest?
  • How does your real estate investment coaching help me get started?

What To Expect From Our Real Estate Investment
Coaching and Mentorship Program

If you’ve been thinking about real estate investing, but have been fearful or hesitant about getting started, our real estate investment coaching and mentorship program will guide you through the most important steps to becoming a successful real estate investor.

Program Highlights:

  • You can complete the Proven Profit Formula Coaching course in as little as 60 days at your own pace
  • One of the best real estate investing courses to get you in action with all the right steps for quick understanding of the fundamentals needed to build a portfolio
  • Detail-rich classes on real estate investing including videos, worksheets, formulas and essential tools to bring you passive income more quickly
  • Opportunity to ask LeAnn Riley questions in each module as you learn
  • Weekly group coaching with LeAnn’s one-on-one attention
  • An incredible community of like-minded investors, and opportunities to learn and partner with other investors
  • Learn ideas, trends in real estate investing, property management tips, how to do deal reviews by using the tools to determine if it’s a good deal or a bad deal
  • How to optimize your current real estate investments to generate more income
  • Strategies to scale a real estate investment portfolio quickly with minimum risk

“LeAnn helped me find a rehab property for investment. She has vast knowledge in real estate and investment properties in this market. She has been a great resource throughout the project. Whenever I needed questions answered, advice or mentorship, she was available to talk.

At the end of the project, she made a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the comparable homes and sold the house for a good price in a short time.”

– Ali

Our Program Will

Teach You How to:

  • Launch and grow a real estate investing business with minimal risk
  • Get started at real estate investing and possibly buy your first property within 60 days
  • Optimize your leverage so you can own more investment properties and grow a portfolio
  • Figure out the real estate strategy that is best for your personal financial situation and skillset
  • Learn the basic skills needed to buy any real estate investment with proven tools for a lifetime of investing
  • Build an investment property portfolio quickly and with real estate investment coaching
  • Grow your personal wealth with passive income from real estate investment coaching and one of the best real estate investing courses with access to LeAnn who has built a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio

The 7 Steps of the Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program:

  1. Leverage Your Wealth
  2. Identify Your Investment Vision
  3. Know Your Numbers
  4. Grow the Numbers
  5. Cover the Bases
  6. Choose Your Power Team
  7. Spring into Action

After Enrollment You Can Expect The Following:

  • Brief on-boarding process to get started as a real estate investor
  • Access to online course – videos, tools and training specific to buying cash flowing properties
  • Weekly group coaching calls with LeAnn Riley, mentor, certified master coach and trainer of Real Estate Investing Made Simple
  • Invitation to join our private Facebook group of real estate investors who are growing portfolios
  • LIVE weekly group coaching with LeAnn Riley to help guide you through the process of buying real estate, including recordings of each coaching call to reinforce learning
  • Bonus training tool on Wealthy Mindset

At the end of our real estate investment coaching program, you’ll have an edge over your rivals as well as confidence that you’ve now got all the necessary tools for growing passive income and achieving financial independence.

Not only that, you’ll be past analysis paralysis because you have completed a real estate investment class that taught you how to get started as a real estate investor in enough detail to buy a property in 60 days. And you will be part of the Proven Profit Formula Coaching Program with access to Real Estate Investment Coaching weekly as you grow your portfolio.

If You Would Like to Get Started with LeAnn Riley’s Real Estate Investment Coaching Contact Us by Booking a Free Strategy Session Now